How many watts does a upright freezer use

Upright freezers consume 50.86 watts on average, according to an analysis. The most frequent wattage for upright refrigerators is 44.98W. Upright refrigerators use between 28.2W and 74.09W, on average, throughout the day in modern models. Chest Freezer A chest freezer is a type of freezer that has a top-mounted door.

How many Watts Does a 2 ton air conditioner use? As a thumb rule, each one ton AC will use about 1300 watts. therefore: 2 ton = 2600 watts. If the AC is running on (220 VAC) single phase, then apply the general formula:\\ It should be mentioned here that the starting current might be momentarily 6 times higher than the calculated running current. The average energy usage of a standard upright freezer is 395 kilowatt-hours per year. $50 per megawatt hour is the average price for electricity in the US. ... a modern freezer will use between 30 and 100 watt of power. The amount of energy you need depends on the size of your freezer and the type of food you are freezing. Freezer energy is.

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How many watts does an upright freezer use . Upright freezers use 50.86 watts, on average. The most common amount of watts that upright freezers use is 44.98W. Modern upright freezers use between 28.2W and 74.09W, on average throughout the day. The table below summarizes how many watts upright freezers use..

How many watts does a Kenmore upright freezer use? What is the watts for the Kenmore Elite upright freezer? Your refrigerator has 600 running watts. The refrigerator start up watts can triple up to 1800 watts but that’s only for a few seconds. If.